An Indian Girl's Dating Diary

One's Quest to Find Love

Dating strategies…

I have been back on the dating scene now for some months and its been tough! The dating scene has changed quite a bit from 2-3 years ago and it is much more challenging than it used to be. Maybe... Continue Reading →


The Rude Boy

Happy 2017! It has been a while since I have blogged but I am back to share more of my random dating encounters 🙂 I have been taken to different places on dates but this was the first and one that definitely... Continue Reading →

Encounter with Ashtray

Not too long ago, I attended a cousin's birthday celebration. My cousin had a friend who I had previously met at another get together but we had never really spoken. It was a fun night out, but who knew the... Continue Reading →

The Host…

As mentioned in my previous post, I had met the host at a speed date event. Him contacting me after the event had taken me by surprise as it was rather unexpected. No guesses to why a guy as charming... Continue Reading →

The recent updates..

I have been a little bad with my blogging again as I have been without internet access for the past months, travelling a little and also been taking breaks from the dating scene. Until you are you limited for internet... Continue Reading →

Some observed Typical Indian Guy courting behaviours…

Just getting out and about, I have noticed that some Indian/Asian guys act a little differently when they see a female they find attractive and on trying to get their attention, display the most off-putting behaviours. Some may say these... Continue Reading →

Mr Tentative…

So like I mentioned in a previous post, this year has been a little busy on the dating side. My next date of the year was another was with a guy I had been chatting to a little since the... Continue Reading →

Mr Broody…

I started chatting to a guy a few weeks back that lived on the other side of the country. I didn't actually realise he was soo far and although I don't mind a little distance to meet the right guy, this... Continue Reading →

Mr Voucher Codes update…

Its been a little quiet with Voucher codes recently and his contact has gone a little flakey with me. I have tried to make an effort but he is either genuinely busy or not really bothered. We have been in... Continue Reading →

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